It’s Mental Health Awareness Month….and it’s easy to find ten minutes for your mind! ⏳

In today’s fast-paced world, most of us think we don’t have 10 minutes to spare – but what if I told you that today you will touch your phone more than 150 times?

And there’s a good chance you will spend over 2 hours on social media. 😊

I think a better number is 1 hour 50 minutes!

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So, instead of posting that status update, why not give your mind an update? It’s easy to #find10minutes for your mind.

Start meditating now! 🙏

You can find some nice free meditation or mindfulness exercises here:

In English

These 2 great apps have a wide variety of wonderful guided audio exercises:

In Dutch

If you have a favorite meditation of your own, please share it with me (after your 10 minutes of meditation, of course 😉). I’m always open to new inspiration!

Have a wonderful day en enjoy your 10 minutes a day! ❤

#find10minutes, #vitality, #loveyourmind

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